Hi! I'm Brigid

I use soft pastels to paint scenes of the natural world that inspire peace and joy. I believe that everyone deserves to experience peace in life and I am on a mission to help share peace wherever possible.

As a little girl, I was raised in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and those peaks instilled a life-long love of nature within me. I am inspired by the natural world and the sense of peace I feel when immersed in it, whether I am hiking on a mountain, swimming in the ocean, or walking on a greenway. In these places, I can feel the presence of God along side of me, sharing His masterpiece and instilling a sense of calm.

One thing I absolutely love about making art is that I get to use my hands. I paint with soft pastels which allow me to hold the colors I use between my fingers. And not only does the color get on my paper, it gets everywhere: the table, my hands, arms, and sometimes my face and clothes. It can be very messy, but I love it, because I am messy myself and so is life. Soft pastels also have a endless array of vivid colors to choose. For this reason, I find pastels to be a perfect medium to paint those breathtaking scenes of nature.

Besides being an artist, I am also a wife to my wonderful husband, Ethan, a Mama to our beautiful baby boy, and a fur-mama to our two cats. And most important of all, I am a Catholic Christian. I believe that God gave me this wonderful talent to share His beauty and peace with others.

Life is chaotic. Everything seems to be moving so fast, and it is hard to stop and take a deep breath sometimes. There are always so many things to be done; work, cook, clean, laundry, errands… the list goes on. Life does not stop and honestly, it can be so overwhelming. We often are drowning in the “to-do” lists and struggle to find a moment to take a pause.

As a new Mama to a sweet baby boy, I feel overwhelmed more days than not, but I make ways to find peace each day. What usually helps the most is going outside to be surrounded by nature. The sun warming my skin, birds chirping, bees pollinating flowers, rabbits scurrying down the path, a shady forest… All of these help me take a moment for myself and take a pause from the tumult. The truth is life does not stop, but if we take the time to find it, peace is attainable, even if just for a moment. And sometimes, that is all we need to get through it.

As an artist, I use soft pastels to paint scenes that bring peace and joy. Scenes that make you stop and take it all in. I take inspiration from the original artist, our Creator, who made all the splendor of the natural world. Nature is constantly changing; plants change with the season, and the sky changes everyday. My art captures those fleeting moments to be enjoyed at any time.

I believe that everyone deserves to experience peace in life and I am on a mission to help share peace wherever possible. I hope that my art does just that, and you can find your peace among the chaos.

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